Did You Mean To Say That?

an anti-sexist journal

Undergraduate Thesis Project 2021 - 2022

Art Direction, Copy & Illustrations by Anvaya Deshpande

A journal + guide for school-going girls that explores various instances of casual sexism and internalized misogyny in schools and everyday life, the kind of language to use when responding to sexist comments, and most importantly, understanding your own biases.

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The normalization of sexist attitudes and behaviours against girls and women. Especially at a school level where schools and teachers create an environment that breeds internalized misogyny; through sexist rules, use of gender-biased language, and encouraging competition amongst girls.  


Primarily inspired by casual sexism and misogyny my friends and I faced in middle and high school. Not fully understanding how toxic and biased our learning environment was. Hence, I wanted to create something that would help young girls understand the world around them. 


There is a need for a safe space for girls to learn, understand and challenge sexist beliefs and attitudes. All in their own time and at their own pace. Something they can hold on to and revisit from time to time.  Did You Mean To Say That? is an anti-sexist journal + guide for school-going girls that provides this much needed safe space. 

what's in the name?

People make unwarranted comments and sexist jokes all the time. How do we respond to that? 

By asking a simple question like, "did you mean to say that?" making them rethink what they said. It is non-confrontational yet catches the person off-guard without you having to say a lot.


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Displayed at OCAD U GradEx 107

May 11 - 15, 2022

100 McCaul St, Toronto, ON

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